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Women Empowerment

Tomorrow Vijana's Women Empowerment Program (WEP) implements three activities: Psychosocial Support, Tailoring, and Livelihood. We serve refugees and host communities in the Rwamwanja settlement. The programs are designed to improve mental health, provide vocational skills, and create economic opportunities for women and girls in Rwamwanja and its surrounding areas.


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We empower women and girls through vocational skills training, creating a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities through our biannual programs in Rwamwanja and surrounding areas that reaches over 500 women.


Our Women Empowerment Progam reaches over 500 women in Rwamwanja and its surrouding areas, providing them with a toolkit to overcome obstacles.


Services offered to women in Rwamwanja settlement include vocational skills for self-reliance, psychosial support as well as intensive programming to fight against gender-based violence directed towrad women and girls.


We don't leave men behind. After all they are half of our community and we believe that bringing them on the table to talk about issues that women and girls are facing is equally important. We can only achieve gender equity if both genders are involved. 

Meet the Program Crew...

Umurerwa Josiane.png
Umererwa Josiane
Program Lead
Murindabiggwi L.
Outreach Ass.
Nirere Eveline.png
Nirere Eveline
Tailoring Instructor
Christine Nyiraharerimana (1).png
Nyiraharerimana  C.
Outreach Ass.

...And some of our participants

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