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Tomorrow Vijana (TV) is working with the Rwamwanja community in Kamwenge district to address agricultural challenges. The community faces challenges such as unhealthy soil, lack of knowledge and skills in agroecology, agribusiness, and environmental protection, farming without planning, market, customers, or savings, no livestock improvement, and environmental destruction. TV is facilitating agribusiness projects, especially for women and youth, to help the community address these challenges.


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At Tomorrow Vijana,  we empower youth in Rwamwanja through agribusiness, serving over 150 youth per year.


Tomorrow Vijana is committed to a better future for all, where refugee and host communities work together to protect the environment.

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We provide training and education on improved breeding methods and rearing techniques to those in need.


Our team works closely with Rwamwanja farmers to help them increase their yields and ensure food security for their families.

Meet our Agriculture Crew...

...And some of our participants

Olivier Hafashimana.png
Hafashimana O.
Program Lead
Jean Paul Nkundabanyanga.png
JeanPaul N.
CB Trainer
Nyirabuntu Edith.png
Edith Nyirabantu
CB Trainer
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