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RLO Representation in Rwamwanja

Tomorrow Vijana, a leading partner of refugee-led organizations (RLOs) in Rwamwanja settlement, Uganda, provides capacity-strengthening sessions and small grants to help RLOs properly implement their programs and comply with government regulations. This includes providing access to memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with the government, which allow all partners to operate efficiently in the refugee settlement.


Let's hear directly from some of RLO leaders that we work with what they have to say about how it is working with us in the Rwamanja Refugee Settlement.  

Meet our Program Team...

Kubana Alexis
Executive Director
Mathias Rukira 2.png
Rukira Mathias
Head of Programs
Masengesho Mirimo_edited.png
Masengesho M.
MEAL Officer
Amani Jonathan.png
Amani Jonathan
Outreach Specialist

...And some of our participants

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