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Community Engagement

We are committed to better serving the community through our community engagement program. This program allows for intentional interactions between communities and various stakeholders and partner organizations through multiple activities, including dialogues, meetings, community mobilization, focus-group discussions, radio talk shows, refugee events, and community work. These interactions help Tomorrow Vijana better understand the lived experiences of community members, which informs its decision-making and approach to community participation. 


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Through our Radio talk show aired live every Saturday, we discuss and inform the public on different matters affecting them. This provides them with a platform to civically engage while raising awareness of what is happeing in the community.


We organize, host and coordinate all public and refugee-centered events in the community to raise awareness of the challenges that they are facing while higlighting and celebrating their resilience.


For refugees and by refugees. Through community mobilization activities, we ensure refugees have access and are involved in all the steps and processes of programs that target them.


On a monthly basis, we go in the community to communicate and mobilize all the beneficiaries for the collection process of food and cash assistance by UN agencies. 

Meet our Program Crew...

...And some of our participants

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Mirimo Masengesho
Program Lead
Amani Jonathan.png
Amani Jonathan
RLO Outreach Specialist
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